May is hear and summer around the bend! what next

Good day all you fine people who enjoy a good read. Whether it be a mystery, adventure, dime novel, romance or biography it all has something to keep the brain thinking and sometimes the heart pumping. It has been one hell of a ride that has a little bit of everything in it. It has gone from a slow lazy river to a up and down twister of a roller coaster. Where to begin? That always was my problem. How about a good story that weaves it way to a common calm ending? Or we can go slow and steady and build your anticipation? Or we can creep in the back alleys of your mind ripping at the synapses and making them burn with energy.  Style is king and with it we will keep to the script or try something new. It has to grab your attention and make you want to read more either with a beer and hot dog or cup of coffee and danish.

This is in the Philip Marlowe privet eye voice.  ”After the bender of a weekend I had been on it was a wonder that I could think at all.  Who knew that beer could make you sing off key, dance in the rain and talk to unsuspecting dames.  I slept all day and woke with a marching band practicing in my head. The hair of the dog I always say.  The week started off like any other with a visit to my favorite bartender. She was an interesting sort with too many questions and not enough answers and about 50 taps to drown my sorrows. I was working on a case that had me stumped. It started years ago and grew long in the tooth quickly. It should have been a simple case with not too many surprises. It was shiny and easy and looked attainable. But those are the ones that get you. The case had twists and turns sending you down dark alleys, dealing with crooked politicians and big money criminals but now  the leads had gone cold and I was searching for answers. Unless I get a break in the case soon it would have to be put in the file cabinet under unsolved. I’m not complaining. It was something that had to be done like a dog chasing a car. Until I figure it out I’ll sit hear thinking and talking to Sam, she may not have the answers but she has the beer. ”

What do you think? I think it attained the flow of a 1940′s crime novel. I always liked the style of writing. It invoked lots of imagery But it did have some underlying meaning.   That is how it goes now but there are some really cool developments in the story. That’s how they go. It is never just dark (well almost never) there is always a romance, a good friend with sage advice, or the case is solved.

Yes there are stops and starts with everything but when trying something new you have to prepared. The latest was an opportunity out on Long Island that had some of the best attributes that I had seen in awhile. But alas it didn’t come to fruition. It is kind of tough to have an idea that has legs, where you see the validity in it, but you get stymied time and time again. Soon the ideas dry up and with it the passion. Right now it is about ideas! Ideas breed passion! It brings thoughts to life and life to thoughts. Lets work on that and take it from there.

I think with people and input from others it will still work. To my faithful readers if you have any thoughts I am all ears. I actually am all ears. When the wind blows they start flapping and I have to hold onto the trees to keep from flying away. Oh yeah, its true. Seriously, I would love to talk to you and see what we can do. If you want to join in and take some control of parts of it not a problem.  And now some malt stats, where we are and were we are going. How’s that for a comeback blog?

When I started this there were 6 craft malthouses in New York State and a precious few in the country. Now there are 8 operating and another 2 coming on line soon. The number of breweries has increased by over a third thanks to the Farm Brewery Law. In 2018 the Farm Brewers will need to get to the 60 percent mark with local ingredients. That is a huge boon to the malt industry. I’ve got stats coming out the wazoo on this stuff. Pretty exciting times in the industry. I went to some of the breweries over the last few weeks and there are some really good beers being poured locally.

I’m preparing for a meeting to see about land space up in the northern section of New York State. Maybe a change is gonna come. If nothing else a good meeting will bring ideas and thoughts to a stagnant system. If something happens you will be the first to know. We are finally working on the small batch maltster and by Wednesday should have a few pics posted on Facebook for ya. It should be able to hold about 75 to 100 pounds, have an outside heater and blower, thermostatic control and be on wheels. Oooooo, wheels! There is something else that is really cool. I belong to the American Craft Malt Guild and they have something that I was trained in called Malt Sensory Analysis and am an ambassador for it. Pretty cool stuff there too. Now it is out and about to make the contacts and see if anyone want a demo.

Well, Thank you for reading! It might have been long but I hope not too tedious. Have a fantastic day!



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